Pottstown, PA

Bio: After college, I apprenticed at a farmstead goat dairy in the Hudson Valley. I love cheese – both as an artisan product and as a homesteading mainstay. I'm so happy to be teaching cheese making classes at a local brew and wine supply store. I'm available to teach basic to intermediate cheese making classes in the Philadelphia and Reading areas, to anyone and everyone who has an interest in cheese.

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6 thoughts on “About

    • Oh no! I haven’t deleted anything 😦 Everything is displaying normally on my web browser. I hope it’s just a temporary glitch.

      I’m not familiar with Russian farmer cheese. I’m going into it! Do you mind elaborating about it? I love learning about new cheeses and trying new recipes – any input you have would be much appreciated.

      • With all my other projects going on I haven’t wanted to go all in with cheese making yet, so I did russian farmer cheese which has little/no culture and is super easy. I looked at a bunch of blogs by russian women for the instructions (I never actually had it before I made it). You heat up to separate sour milk, Like Ricotta but using the whole milk. I basically made yogurt then separated and strained. Went great in lasagna! sooner or later I’ll do a post w/ pictures.

      • Sounds interesting. I love the ethnic variations on cheese making – absolutely fascinating!

        You should try making mascarpone. It’s very easy (no specialized equipment required except a thermometer) and very decadent. I did a class on it last night, and it was a hit!

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